Ubisoft Specifically Vague On Splinter Cell: Conviction

Last week reports surfaced suggesting that Splinter Cell: Conviction, the latest chapter in Ubisoft's Sam Fisher saga, had gone back to the drawing board for a drastic reworking. Now that the company's Ubidays event has come and gone without even a thumbnail screenshot from the game, a representative is ready to give us specifics on how vague things are with Conviction.

In reference to speculative stories that have appeared recently, in January of 2008 we announced that the game would be released in the fiscal year of '08/'09. And at this point in time we are not ready to be more specific than that. We will begin to communicate more once we feel the time is right for us and our fans.

As the folks at CVG pointed out, last year's Ubidays event saw the game being played by developers, so the vague statements and lack of any assets definitely points towards a complete reworking, and those are never good.

Perhaps they just wanted to stuff it with extra awesome? Maybe? A little?

Ubisoft "not ready to be more specific" on Splinter Cell [CVG]


    I think everyone should stop living in the past. Move with the times and adopt an open mind. To all those people who say that you shouldn't change a winning formula, i say this: what if the formula was changed and you won more and got better. There is always room for improvement. I personally love all the splinter cells and they keep getting better with each new release. Ubisoft should keep up the good work and everyone else should stop whinging. Change is inevitable. Get used to it.
    PS, if you think SC, don't play it. No one is forcing you.

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