UK Hopes To Follow Georgia On Tax Credits

Tiga, the trade association for game developers in the UK, has urged its government to take action in the wake of recently-announced tax breaks for game developers in the state of Georgia. Tiga has for quite some time advocated publicly for similar tax relief to support the game industry in the UK, expressing concern that lack of government support means the UK will lose out in the competitive environment.

"Georgia's introduction of games development tax breaks illustrates once again that other state and national governments are competing to create the most hospitable environment for games production. If the UK Government wants to see a thriving video games industry in this country, then it must create a more favourable taxation system, keep the regulatory burden on business relatively light and work to increase the supply of suitably qualified graduates," said Tiga CEO Richard Wilson.

Government in Montreal and France offer subsidies or tax credits to game development companies similar to the recently-approved tax breaks in Georgia, and Tiga believes "the competitive environment is slanted against UK developers and that the UK Government needs to respond."

"The UK games development sector continues to be a world beating industry, but we cannot afford to ignore the heavily subsidised competition. The playing field continues to be tipped against UK games developers. Our position as a leading player in the development of video games is at stake," said Wilson.


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