Unreleased Limited MGS4 PS3 Bundles Go Grey Market

$US 9,999.99? An extreme example! Though the Special Limited Edition Gun Metal Grey PS3 MGS4 bundle is popping up on online auction site eBay. The average starting price is over $US 900, which is more than Konami's $US 599.99 sticker tag for the pack. Not exactly sure how this works as the bundles haven't actually been shipped to customers or even eBay's policy on this (we imagine frowny faces). Always a shame to see profiteers move in like this! But we imagine this will persist as long as the machines are hard to get and folks are willing to part with their money. Gun Metal Grey? More like gun metal grey market.

Outrageous MSG4 Bundle [eBay Thanks, Andres!]


    over 10 times the sale price?? thats not VERY ridiculous...

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