Uwe Boll A Bit Upset About Postal

You have to feel a bit bad for Uwe Boll at this point. Granted he's made some terrible movies, but he didn't deserve to have his big Postal movie that he was all excited about limited to only four movie screens across the entire country. On the movie's official website, Boll takes a moment to vent about websites that are claiming this setback as a triumph against him.

To all of you writing now about me and the fact that POSTAL is not getting screens.its okay ..its fun kicking a guy nonstop who is on the ground you are all not getting it that i'm the guy who made it against the big hollywood system and you are all only busy to destroy me and finish me up and then you YOU WON WHAT ? the attention of the studios, michael bay .. ????? if you damage me you feel closer to Hollywood ? what is your game plan?

Back when I was 7 my mother threw this big birthday party for me, and the only person who showed up was a little kid who was crying because he had a football game and left five minutes after showing up. I imagine this feels a bit like that for Uwe. Granted I can cite bad marketing in my case (I never handed out invitations), but still.

The Official Postal Movie Site [Official Site via GameSpot]


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