Weakening U.S. Dollar Spurs PSN Prices Drop for Canada

Canadian Playstation 3 gamers are getting a price drop on Playstation Network downloadable content by tomorrow due to the strengthening Canadian dollar, Sony Computer Entertainment of America said today.

"We are continually looking for ways to enhance the player experience on the PLAYSTATION®Network, and downloadable content through the PLAYSTATION Store is just one of our areas of focus," said Grace Chen, Senior Manager for the PLAYSTATION Store. "We anticipate that this price adjustment will meet the expectations of our Canadian consumers and provide them with a better PLAYSTATION Network experience."

The adjustment will occur over the day and should be in full effect by the time tomorrow's scheduled update hits. I wonder if they'll be doing this in other markets as well? Seems like this is something Microsoft should be looking into too.


    Must be nice to get some recognition outside the self-obsessed US. Perhaps the rest of the world would also be acknowledged if they shared a border with the mighty America.

    So when does Australia get one? Our Dollar's been up there for ages now and the stuff still costs way more than the U.S. site.


    As a citizen of the US with a long standing military heritage in my family dating from the Revolutionary War all the way up to our current Iraq War, I have to agree with you Petey. The vast majority of people don't realize what a crashing of the world reserve currency would do. (the us dollar)As long as they can keep getting their PS3's and stupid reality television shows the world is at peace in their mind. I even work in the games/vfx industries so im not scapegoating video games either. It's the whole mentality of ever expanding materialism in a world of finite resources that is going to bring the whole thing down.

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