What Are Your Game Buy Regrets?

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Question: Do you having any game purchase regrets?


    hmmm, game purchase no. but console purchase? YES!!! 2 years ago, walked into harvey norman store, lookin to buy a 360. saw something that caught my eye, flexirent! didnt know what it was, never heard of it, 17 and not really finding out any info, i decided to go with flexirent. no one ever asked me if i know what it is, your 17 bla bla bla, so in the end i had to pay $47-51 dollars a month for my 360. signed a contract, got home, set it all up. few weeks passed and it was all good. then mum found the contract, saw that the total price i will be paying is just over $1,700.!!!!!!! HV didnt let me cancel the contract, flexirent didnt give a sh*t, so i copped it all.

    lets go back to the time of 32bit machines... it was my birthday and i really wanted to buy pocket fighter (aka gem fighter) for my ps1.. i think i was 15 or 16 at the time. we happened to be away on holiday where they had a bigger gaming store then my local, with a much bigger selection of released titles then my wildest dreams. i searched long and hard and no puzzle/gem fighter to be seen.. but in my search i came across a game called "the note" after playing A LOT of resident evil 1/2 i was in dire need of a new survival horror game and this one looked the part because it was first person and i was a long time fan of kings field. so "the note" was my purchase of more money then i was planning on paying for any other game.

    once back home after the travel of reading the instructions again and again.. i popped in in to take her for a test toast.. and my lordy! never have i played a game soooo bad! awful combat and movement in general.. i think in total i would had played the game 20mins (including booting the ps1 up and loading times)

    much regret that day.. buyers remorse is an important lesson to learn... lucky for me i learnt it early :)

    I'm usually quite good with my game purchases, but back when I had little money, I made a quick $100 one day helping family friends with their computer, and on the way home I dropped in and paid full retail price for Dungeon Siege. Regretted that so much. :(

    Yes, Crysis, Viva pinata and Brothers in arms. Why oh why did I buy those games?

    Everyone says I should regret buying WWE Crush Hour on PS2... but I love it and it only cost me $15 on clearance at KMart. To answer your question: Turok Revoltion and Turok Rage Wars would have to be at the top of my list. The original outing on the N64 was like a solid dose of MSG from your local Chinese Take Away ... leaving you wanting more ... only to find that the Banana inside your fritter was as black as the Ace of Spades. You guessed it - Rage Wars was the Banana and Revolution was the Batter.

    Unreal Tournament 200?, much hype was made about how good the multi-player was but I found it to be a rehash of a rehash.

    Bora, Should have looked into the Minors (Property and Contracts) Act 1970 (NSW), particularly sections 18 & 20. The other states have similar provisions (e.g. Supreme Court Act 1986 (VIC) section 50), and I think all of them require minors to ratify contracts on reaching majority.

    I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.

    Yu gi oh capsual monsters....... there's $100 i'll never get back.

    Zoo Tycoon DS.
    It was so unappealing.

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