What’s Auran Up To These Days?

What’s Auran Up To These Days?
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You guys remember Auran, don’t you? The studio took quite a beating when Auran Developments, its parent company, went into administration late last year. While blame wasn’t placed anywhere in particular, poor sales of its MMO Fury likely played a significant role in its collapse.

Recently, Australian Gamer decided to take a trip to the company’s headquarters in Queensland for a walk-through and catch-up. Yes, Auran is still plugging away at Fury.

The interview with Tony Hilliam on the second page has everything you could possibly want to know about the state of Fury right now. Boiled down, Hilliam admits Auran made mistakes with the launch and design of the game, such as the difficulty for new players to get into it, and that numbers remain “disappointing”. To counter these points, he says that the new business model, bug fixes and additional features have turned Fury into a “new game”.

If only confidence and positive words were enough.

A Visit to Auran Games [Australian Gamer]


  • An MMO improves over time yes, but all games are judged at launch.

    Fury had its moment at the starting line last year, it failed to qualify for the race.

    All the steroids it took since won’t get its customers back.
    They really should work rework the fury engine asap and throw something good and polished out within 2 years to get some money and then build up again from there. Fury is a dead.

  • Auran, now thats a name I’ve haven’t heard in a long time…

    Fury looks ok. Although to me it doesn’t seem that different compared with other MMO’s.

    I tried to play it, but got frustrated with the lack of guidance during the tutorial. The controls seemed a bit off to me as well.

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