Which RSS Do You Use?

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft

Fucking hamster! The small animal that powers the site was in a disagreeable mood during the night and gobble up some posts. Bastard. Wonkiness abound!

Speaking of wonkiness, my RSS died on me. I've using Google Reader as a backup, which is pretty great, but do you have any recs for any other Readers?

What you missed last night
No More Ninja Gaiden
Rumoured Spring Xbox 360 install
SNK is not closing its US branch
Liberty City vs NYC
MGS4 wants to sell you things
PlayStation sales
New RE5 art


    I use Feedzero. It was shiny bayesian technology that I use to filter feeds I'm subscribed too. So far its been spot on learning on what I want and what I dont want to see.

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