Wrap-o-matic: Over the Weekend

Five Ways to Simplify Complex Controllers
Just cut the controller cable and stick it in your ear. That way, you can play games with your mind. I have yet to test this theory, but…

G4: Video of Force Unleashed for Wii, Duel Mode
See what Krome Studios has been doing with the Wii version of Force Unleashed. Hint: it involves lightsabres.

GTA IV Lockup Solution: Disabling PSN?
GTA IV giving your PS3 trouble? Give this a go.

Kotaku Originals: A Mighty Tr**kload of Copy
Originals. From Kotaku. Read them.

Another PAL Hanabi Festival: Gradius II & Cho Aniki To Hit VC
More VC goodness for Australia (and Europe).


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