Wrap-o-matic: Tuesday Night

A super special Impressions edition of the Wrap-o-matic. Enjoy!

Impressions and hands-on posts from EA’s Gamer’s Day 08
Battlefield Heroes: Hands-On Impressions
Skate It Wii Hands-On Impressions
Battleforge Impressions
Left 4 Dead Hands-On Impressions

And now for all that regular news…
Acquisitions Cause $US 454 Million In Losses For EA In Fiscal 08
Don’t worry EA, you have billions of dollars left in the kitty!

The First 10 Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid 4
Massive spoiler alert of course, but if you can’t contain your curiousity…

Lego Indiana Jones PC Demo Released
Tell me, do they make Lego whips? And if so, are they just rubber bands cut in half?


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