Wrap-o-matic: Wednesday Night

Waitin’ Until Friday: Where Things Stand On EA-T2
The whole EA/Take 2 deal got you confused? You’ll find clarity here.

Blizzard Made $US 295M Last Quarter, Wrath of the Lich King Dated For Second Half Of ’08
I thought it would have made quite a bit more. I guess there’s not much point in having oodles of cash if you’re not going to spend it.

Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year Is A True Player
As in game player. Dirty minds, the lot of you.

Two Humans’ Hands On with Too Human
So much drama surrounds this title – will it have been worth it?

Zero Punctuation On Grand Theft Auto IV
A game Yatzhee can’t fault? Yes and no.

Guitar Hero 4 Drums Revealed
GH 4 gets in on the multiple peripherals business.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Hands-On Impressions
Because building things has never been so much fun.

Let’s Look At New Resident Evil 5 Art
Scary zombie pics, now in low-res!


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