US XBLA Update: Wits & Wagers & Wednesday

Xbox Live Arcade weekly updates are back on schedule, after Niko Bellic and his gang hijacked all Live traffic last week. This Wednesday, it's Wits & Wagers, a trivia party game for up to six players that features Xbox Live Vision camera support for maximum avatar creepiness. The official site states that Wits & Wagers "includes 700 unique and fun questions for up to 25 hours of exciting play." That's important to note. At 25 hours, you absolutely must stop expecting exciting play. You've been warned.

Wits & Wagers []


    You might be interested to know that Wits & Wagers was originally a board game that went nationwide at Target in 2007. It won more industry awards than any other party game in history, which is why it is coming out on the Xbox. A preliminary contract has already been signed to turn Wits & Wagers into a TV game show.

    Wits & Wagers is more about betting on the answers of your friends than answering trivia. That is why we bill it as “trivia for people who don’t know stuff”.

    To learn more about the Xbox rendition, go to
    To learn more about the original board game, go to

    Dominic Crapuchettes
    Designer of Wits & Wagers

    I have read an interview with the guys at Hidden Path and it is my understanding that the game knows which questions to ask based on what questions everyone playing have seen, so you should not get the same question twice unless you have been through the entire 700 questions.

    But by then they will likely have expansions.

    I have played the board game a few times. It is really fun, so I am willing to drop $10 to see how this version holds up.

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