Xbox 360 Team Fortress 2 DLC Details Soon-ish

PC gamers are enjoying new Team Fortress 2 updates right now. Things like new maps, the new Payload gameplay mode, new weapons, and balance tweaks are old hat to the Steam set. Console gamers, however, are pretty much stuck with the stock Team Fortress 2 experience that shipped with The Orange Box. That all may change—and soon—as Shacknews reports that details on console DLC is coming "pretty soon." Probably.

The bad news is that new content for the PlayStation 3 version of TF2 sounds like it's up in the air. Maps like "Goldrush" and new Achievements sound inevitable for the Xbox 360, but Valve's Doug Lombardi told Shack "unfortunately I don't know that any of that will make it to the PS3." Hopefully, Mr. Lombardi is just playing it safe and EA is working diligently to support the PS3 base, but we'll refrain from breath holding.

Team Fortress 2 360 DLC Details Due 'Pretty Soon,' Fate of PlayStation 3 Content Uncertain [Shacknews]


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