Xbox 360 To Be Europe's "Biggest Loser" Say Analysts

The analysts at DFC Intelligence have gazed into the crystal ball to receive word from the future of the European console war and the news is somewhat of a downer for Sony. But it's far worse for Microsoft. A new report calls for "strong" sales of the PlayStation 3 but that Sony should expect to lose a "big chunk" of the PS2 install base. Wii is expected to dominate, but won't move software like the PS3 may.

The analysing wizards at DFC see an Xbox future filled with doom and gloom, with the 360 "continuing to struggle" in Europe, despite UK acceptance. They have better news for the Euro industry as a whole, with 2008 expected "to break all kinds of sales records." And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

DFC: 360 Likely "Biggest Loser" in Europe [Next-Gen]


    I am so sick of these analysts... ever since they messed up on the wii predictions- I've just been taking all these kinds of articles with a grain of salt.

    LOL... I liked the sarcasm...
    Analyst and their nonsense.

    its all about the online service for me. i would buy 15 360's if i had to. but i dont since im still playing one from the launch. microsoft has way better customer service than sony or nintendo. if your 360 breaks they fix quickly free of charge, when ps2 had the read disk error problems sony didn't do a damn thing. its trendy to hate americans.

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