Xbox Live "Gay" Crackdown MIGHT Be Getting A Little Out Of Hand

Last week, Microsoft banned a user from Xbox Live for having the gamertag theGAYERgamer. Things did not end well. Now, tonight, we get an email from another Xbox Live user whose gamertag has been barred because it violates XBL policies. The incriminating gamertag? RichardGaywood. The problem here? It's the gamertag of a Mr. Richard Gaywood, a now-disgruntled 360 owner from the UK (and yes, we've confirmed this is his real name). Oops.

Editor's note: Microsoft has made a statement regarding the ban.


    The man's name is Dick (nicknamed), Gaywood. That's two phallic references, and a homosexual reference, all in one name. Shame that it's the man's REAL name and all but, technically it's worse than theGAYERgamer.

    From a legal / moral point of view that's outrageous for the XBL team to ban him for using his own name.

    From an XBL user's point of view however, maybe they did him a favor; not having to explain to 14 year olds that his gamertag is in fact his legal name.

    Uhh... this is retarded. If you people knew anything it is against the ToS to have your real name in your GamerTag, hence name change. Although the reason the name came to the attention of MS was probably because of the word "Gay" being in there.

    If they asked him to drop 'gay' from his tag he'd still be Dick Wood doesn't really get any better lol.

    must bring back memories of all the ribbing he would of gotten in school.

    I got booted off yesterday for having the GayDolphin as my name. It was never meant in a homophobic manner - it was simply a "jovial dolphin" at first. Oh well - I had to change mine as well.

    Strange, given the opportunity to cover possibly the worst given name since 'Gaylord Fokker' by using an anonymous gamertag of his choosing.

    Instead he chooses to use his full name.

    I feel sorry for the guy, that sucks, didn't know you weren't allowed to use you real name as Gamertag either.

    But I can see both points, the nickname of his first and his surname are phallic, and the guy is upeset cos he is being ordered to chnage his GT, which is just his name.

    Unlucky Richard, mate.

    LOL this is so stupid its hilarious those idiots at XBL even have access to the mans real name on the ACCOUNT and probably his credit card. For the love of god when will Microsoft’s Politically correct craziness end.

    Now you know why Nintendo uses friend codes.

    iTipTop: I looked at the ToS, there was no mention of it being against the ToS to use real data, only that it was encouraged that you don't. Reference?

    I realize this may be difficult for americans to understand but common "nicknames" like Bill for William (Gates III) or Dick for Richard are not done in europe, the obsession with cock is purely an american habit.. his name ISNT Dick Gaywood.. but Richard Gaywood..

    i'm so offended by his name i have nightmares about getting sexually harassed over xbox live through the live vision camera :(

    Yeah!!!!! get all those gays off XBL.

    this is one of these things that adds the the funny (not funny haha funny peculiar) world we living in...

    If there was such a thing as a world reset button and I could press it, trust me it would have been pressed a long time ago...

    a story about penguins gay rights I read on a paper a while back is only the tip of the iceberg!!

    reset, reset!! damm the button is broken, prolly MS technology.

    @itiptop: It is not a violation of the TOS to use your real name. It is simply suggested for the user's own sake that he or she not use a gamertag that easily identfies him or her.

    HA! this is basically the equivalent of saying "your real name is morally offensive"

    It's sad that MS can't find any more freedoms to take away... would be plenty fun if they tell us we can't laugh while playing. I wonder if they'll decide to ban BJ from gamertags. I like my initials... though kids being kids, I've had a few jokes thrown my way.

    I had to change my name once, apparently 'PooFountain' is offensive ;\

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