Yes, Age Of Conan Is Having Problems

since posting my impressions and my first steps into the age of conan, i've gotten daily emails from folks who would like to point out that the launch hasn't gone smoothly for everyone involved, and i figured i would take a moment to acknowledge this.

Yes, some folks in Europe had bad key codes in their boxes, which they are taking care of. Yes, Funcom wasn't prepared for the massive influx of players and so not everyone go into the early start, which led to some understandable grievances. The buddy code system has been postponed until they get the severs stable for the paying customers.

I'm also aware that this sort of shit is going to happen, and there is nothing we can do about it.


    hell I'll just be happy to try it myself... still waiting by the post-box :(

    I wouldn't get too worried about it Mixa, the reason it's running so smooth for US players is that it's down nearly every night for Oceanic players while they patch it. =( (down on launch night, down on Monday night, down on Tuesday night.. )

    This game is win and so far hasn't felt nearly as broken as the WoW launch.

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