Yup, The PS2 Is Still Buttering EA's Bread

Here's something interesting. We know, EA lost some cash last year, and we know, they did so despite selling a gagillion games, but just where did those games go? Like, which systems did EA make the most money off? Let's check their quarterly results and find out. Anyone hoping Q42008 would be the time a current-gen system (like the Xbox 360, for example) finally beat out last-gen had best look elsewhere, because yes, the PS2 still rules EA's money-making roost. And the 360 came second? Nope.

No, that honour went - surprisingly - to the PS3. Check the chart below: last quarter, EA made $US 152 million off PS3 game sales, and "only" $US 128 million off sales of games on the 360.

See, interesting stuff. Especially the part where EA made more money last quarter off mobile games than they did off the DS. If there's a post-it note somewhere on John Riccitello's fridge door, I hope it's got a little picture of a DS on it, with the words "MUST DO BETTER" scrawled underneath.


    But that is revenue, not profit. Without knowing how much was spent developing games for each console it's kinda meaningless.

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