Zapper Lamp Features %#*(!!! Dog From Duck Hunt

CrunchGear points to this pretty amazing Duck Hunt NES zapper lamp that features not only a Duck Hunt lampshade and orange plastic zapper, but also a replica Duck Hunt cart made of cardboard.

Lamp creator fluffypants says that the typical cartridge wasn't large enough to be stable, so she created a 1.5 scale replica to serve as the base. Pretty neat, though I wish she had slapped on a mocking dog on the other side of the shade.

Duck Hunt NES zapper lamp [Craftster, via CrunchGear]


    Hey, thanks for the kind words! I'm amazed at how much attention this little lamp of mine is getting.

    I'll definitely be making more game themed lamps in the future, hopefully with some showing up on eBay!

    Liquid_Kore- I was trying to figure out a way to rig it up so that the light would go on when the trigger was pulled... but being very poorly skilled in wiring things up, and having no one to help me figure it out while I had the zapper apart, I let it be- I'm definitely trying to get it working next time, though!

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