100 Games Lined Up For WiiWare

I've been giving the Wii a bit of a hard time lately as the new WiiWare games slowly eat away at my storage space, but of course this isn't anything a tiny SD card wouldn't take care of. How many WiiWare games can there be anyway? According to Nintendo of America's senior director of project development Tom Prata, more than a few, depending on your definition of a few.

Currently, there are about 100 games in development for WiiWare at various stages of completion.

The main saving grace here that will keep you from having to buy too many SD cards for backup storage, is that odds are not all of them will be worth purchasing. Of course without demos going up before hand we've no way of knowing for sure, but at least we'll have a revolver with a very large bullet capacity when we feel like playing a little WiiWare roulette. Hit up the IGN link below for a full interview with Prata.

Nintendo: 100 WiiWare Games in Queue [IGN Wii]


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