2 Girls, 1 Cup (And A Witty Japanese Pun)

Not only is pantsu flashing fighter Ikkitousen hitting the PSP, but it's also rolling out the limited edition goods! Ikkitousen is inspired on Chinese epic Romance of Three Kingdoms and is set against a backdrop of warring high school students. The PSP version, called Ikkitousen Eloquent Fist, is getting a figure set that features Hakufu and Hakufu's flirty, booze drinkin' mum Goei. While Westerners will be quick to see the (unintentional?) 2-girls-1-cup joke, the actual Japanese joke is a pun and has quite a different meaning! This is an "oyako donburi figure" set: "Oyakodon" literally means "parent-and-child donburi" and refers to a dish that consists of egg, chicken and rice. And "Donburi" is a "rice bowl dish". Geddit? HILARIOUS.

Hit the jump for another pic of this limited edition oyako don figure set.

Ikkitousen LE Goods [MMV via Insert Credit]


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