Happy Tree Friends Live Next Week

Fans of lovable little cartoon animals dying in entertaining ways will have reason to rejoice next week as Sega officially confirms a June 25th release for Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm for the Xbox Live Arcade. The game features 10 levels of Lemmings-inspired action, in which you interact with the environment using hilariously deadly tools in order to save the Happy Tree Friends from dying horrible deaths, which I am sure we'll all get around to doing once we've done killing them.
While no official price has been set, I'd assume the game won't stray far from the established 800 point average.

Happy Tree Friends has always ticked me off a bit, as these folks make money doing exactly the sort of thing that got me kicked out of high school art class and sent to the counsellor's office. Lucky bastards.

Happy Tree Friends for XBLA next week [Eurogamer]


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