HAWX Gets Glowy amBX SupportX

The PC version of the upcoming arcade air combat sim Tom Clancy's HAWX will support Philips' PC ambient technology, the company announced today.

The amBX gaming peripheral includes RGB LED lights that can create 16 million colours, variable speed desktop fans capable of up to 5,000 RPM and a wrist rumble strip. Philips says that the device will be used to create "all kinds of spectacular air combat lighting, air movement and rumble effects".

The HAWX support announcement also notes that the peripheral is getting a price drop with the starter kit now selling for about $AU 159.15, the extension kit selling for $AU 84.88, the premium kit for $AU 297.08 and the pro kit for $AU 244.03. All of them sound too pricey for something that's going to throw rainbows up on my ceiling and blow wind in my face, but each to his or her own.


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