Leak Seems to Confirm Xbox Live Avatars On the Way

A yet-to-be-plugged leak has spilled rumours and secrets on Call of Duty, Forza Motorsport 3, and plans for Xbox Live. Xbox 360 Fanboy is rooting through the plumbing, here's what has broken so far on that site.

• Microsoft seems to be developing a response to the Mii, confirming a long running-rumour. From the docs obtained, it seems avatars will replace the gamer picture and "provide a more lifelike, animated, and fully customisable persona".

More on these leaks as they develop.

Rumour: Avatars are Microsoft's Take on Miis? [Xbox 360 Fanboy]


    Oh cool.
    Now it will be even easier to express how big my head is, compared to my body.

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