Nyko's Wireless Nunchuk Attracts Nintendo Lawsuit

Remember Nyko's wireless nunchuk controller for the Wii? Seemed kinda pointless to me. Not Nintendo! Thy don't see it as pointless. They see it as an infringement on their patent designs and trademarks, and as such, are suing Nyko, claiming the company's Kama Nunchuk "wholly appropriates the novel shape, design, overall appearance and even the colour and materials used in the Nintendo Nunchuk controller". Nyko's response? "We have not knowingly violated anyone's intellectual property and we're still examining this". I don't know whether "we accidentally violated Nintendo's intellectual property" will hold up in court, guys.

Nintendo Sues Nyko Over Copies of Wii Nunchuk Remote [Bloomberg]


    Ha! N are just pouty 'cos they were too lazy to de-cord the stupid nunchuk, so somebody cleverer did so.

    Either that or N revel in the several near decapitations that happen hourly from the IDIOCY OF PUTTING A CORD ON THE NUNCHUK!!!

    Yep, great use of Bluetooth there guys.


    ya i dont c the reason to a wirless numchuck never ran into a problem with the wired and receiver on the bottom of the wiimote makes the wiimote look ugly

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