Potato & Leak Soup

To: Crecente
From: Luke

So! Lots of stuff happening on a Sunday night. Which is very unusual. Friday nights, you sometimes get news, as companies try and sneak bad press out after everyone's gone home, but Sunday nights? That's new. What's surprised me most about the whole thing however wasn't the timing, but the sheer volume of stuff that came out of it. Can't remember anything off the top of my head that compares. Sure, some of it sounds a bit patchy, and some of it sounds like complete baloney, but on the whole, a lot of the stuff checks out. I really feel for the guys at market research company Intellisponse - ie the source of the leaks - about now. I've a feeling this will be a Monday morning they will not enjoy.

For all the Microsoft/Activision news that leaked overight:
Please, consult this handy round-up.

Here's everything else you missed:
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