Read Jack Thompson's Storming Out Of Court Transcript

Earlier this month, we reported that Jack Thompson walked out of his disciplinary hearing after saying the judge did not have the authority to hear his case. The Florida Bar is recommending that Thompson be disbarred for a minimum of ten years for professional misconduct. So! For those who was a blow-by-blow retelling of the fireworks, game site GamePolitics has the full court transcript. There's this nuttiness:

JT: May I move the podium?
JUDGE: No. Just everybody leave it in one spot. That's the way we usually do it in the courtroom.
JT: Can we change that one spot? No?
JUDGE: I'd prefer that you leave it right there.
JT: Nice. Can I pivot it?
JUDGE: Is that what you'd like, sir?
JT: I'm asking you.
JUDGE: Okay. That's fine.

Jack Thompson: GTA hater, podium pivoter.

Read JT Transcript [GamePolitics]


    From experience dealing with people with schizophrenia, It seems clear from these transcripts that JT is batshit fucking insane.

    Delusions, grandiosity, disordered thinking, it's all right there in the transcript.

    Schizophrenia, while no laughing matter, does make for some really great stories, provided the patient isn't aggressive.
    I'd love to be his psychiatrist. It'd be a barrell of laughs

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