Resistance 2 Gameplay, With Qualifiers

I thought Gametrailers by now would have chopped up their video into gameplay mcnuggets of Resistance 2, but they haven't and so the only way to see any of that footage is to watch the entire 22 minute episode of GameTrailer TV. Producers are crafty that way, getting you to watch all of a show instead of only the parts you want.

Above is the second chapter of the show (which aired on Spike at 1 am Saturday). In it you can see Nathan Hale stalking around Chicago (having arrived from San Francisco) and filling up half-converted Chimera zombies with lead. Ah, zombies. The TIE Fighters of melee combat ...

After the jump, the other chapters. Chapter 1 covers the game's backstory. Chapter 3 discusses multiplayer, and Chapter 4 goes over the weapons systems. The FPS from Insomniac is slated for a fall release on PS3 only.

Chapter 1: Resistance 2 story

Chapter 3: Multiplayer

Chapter 4: Enemies and weapons

GameTrailers TV: Resistance 2[]


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