Sony Looking At Including Euro Content On PlayStation.Blog

Buried at the bottom of their self-congratulatory first birthday post (happy birthday!), SCEA's PlayStation.Blog team have a little note for their long-suffering European brothers, long without a decent blog of their own. They say they hear your pain, feel your pain, and are in talks to "bring more PlayStation news to you from that part of the world". Which I read as "we can't be arsed setting up another blog, but we'll post Euro stuff on this one". Good news, Europe! Your days of relying on the regrettable Three Speech for community info (PSN updates, release dates, etc) may soon be over.

PlayStation.Blog is a Year Old Today [PlayStation.Blog]


    No offence, but I've never heard of a Kotaku Europe.
    Great job with the Australian one though - hey, why not consider it?

    You'd have lots of fantastic Rock Band news to start with.

    interesing read im looking to buy a ps3 soon.

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