Sony Worldwide Grows Two New Heads

Sony Worldwide Studios continues to shuffle people about in the wake of Phil Harrison's departure, announcing not one but two new vice presidents, one for each side of the Atlantic. Heading up things over in Europe will be Sony Computer Entertainment Europe VP Michael Denny, who joined Sony in 1995 as the head of business affairs at Psygnosis, having served in various positions since then.

Over in the U.S. Sony San Diego Studios senior director Scott Rohde has been promoted to vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios America. Rohde was a co-founder of Page 44 studios, and has also worked in sports roles for Radical Entertainment and Sega of America.

Both new VPs will be responsible for the overall operations of Sony in their respective areas, reporting to Sony's replacement Harrison, Shuhei Yoshida. Welcome to the party gentlemen!

Sony Appoints New Europe, America Studio Heads [Gamasutra]


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