Team Fortress 2 Gets Pyro Achievements Thursday, Meet The Sniper Tomorrow

Pyro fans will have cause to rejoice this Thursday as the perpetually muffled Team Fortress 2 is getting Medic-style treatment in the form of three new unlockable weapons—one of which will be the already announced "Axtinguisher"—and 35 new achievements. On top of that, two new user-created maps are being added to the official rotation. The cherry? A new "Meet The" video, this one focusing on the Sniper. That clip hits mid-day tomorrow.

For those still unconvinced by the magic that is TF2, another free weekend via Steam is just around the corner, kicking off Saturday at 4 AM AET. Huzzah!


    I can't wait until its released and we see 12 pyro's a side. Hopefully I can get a little medic love and lift my heavy's top score above 20 with all those pyro's coming in single file...

    I don't think I am going to get my essays/programming projects done any time soon....

    Gonna be servers full of pyros now

    Looks like I won't be able to play Spy for the next week or two then.

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