What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Me? Metal Gear Solid 4 obviously! I'm only a few hours in, right when Snake starts battling the space aliens and all those Raiden clones start showing up and attack Meryl with the leech launcher. That's total bullshit, obviously, so don't string me up for spoiling you on Solid Snake's search for the kingdom of the crystal skull and that there's an unlockable bloodsucking weapon.

Beyond MGS4, I have a Kotaku giveaway contest to design this weekend, a birthday party to attend, plus some Meat Bun related things to wrap up, all very exciting stuff. All that and a Metal Gear Solid 4 review by Monday? Can I do it?! What about you? What are your IRL and virtual plans for the weekend?


    Just Finished MGS4. This game is fucking epic was this game.
    Like watching a movie, but you are the star.

    A whole lot of Eve Online, unfortunately. Like I got nothing better to do then blow off steam with some virtual work.

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