Wii Fit Women Causing Massive Damage?

According to a Telegraph headline, women who are working up a sweat via Wii Fit are responsible for rampant household destruction to the tune of £20 million (about $AU 42.44 million). That would be pretty damn impressive—not to mention perfect UK Resistance fodder—if it were even remotely true. Despite what you might be Digging right now, the headline doesn't match the article... or common sense for that matter.

The Telegraph piece cites a poll of 1,000 get fit types in the UK. It later states that damages caused by vigorous workouts, not necessarily related to Wii Fit, have amounted to an average of about $AU 13.79 in damage over the past year. Yes, that's the past year, not the last two months that Wii Fit has been available in that market. In other words, UK Wii Fit players aren't doing Hulk-like destruction to their homes.

We can only assume that Telegraph journos were looking for some excuse to watch the Lauren "Wii Fit Girl" Bernat clip on YouTube for a better part of the day.

Wii Fit women leave £20 million toll of destruction to living rooms [Telegraph]


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