XBLA Wednesday: Elements of Destruction and Sea Life Safari

Two new games are set to be released for the Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, and while both deal with nature, the approach each title takes to dealing with it are quite different indeed.

In THQ's Elements of Destruction (800 MS points) you play a shunned research scientist who harnesses the forces of nature to get back at the corporation that terminated you. Blow buildings apart with tornadoes, shake their foundations with earthquakes, or set them on fire, it's like Sim City without having to first build a city before destroying it.

If you prefer to simply take in nature rather than harness it for your own vengeful purposes, Sierra Online's Sea Life Safari (800 MS points) might be more your speed. As the name suggests, it's all about taking pictures of sea life across five unique environments. An odd pairing to be sure, but that's nature for you.

This week on Arcade: Elements of Destruction and Sea Life Safari [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]


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