A Masked Sicko!

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft
RE: Bioshock 3! Delayed GTA DLC?? First Glimpse of DNF WTF!? Ice Cream Sandwiches!!!!!????

BioShock 3? Yay! More underwater corridors!!

Today is Friday. This you probably know. If not, yes, today is Friday. Took the wife to the doctor's in the afternoon for an ultrasound. Baby seems very healthy, very active. Probably won't know if it's a boy or girl until next month or the following. Asked Mini-Bash which he wanted. His reply? "If I say a girl, it will turn into a boy".

Bought a mask, too today! Probably remember seeing people wearing them here — maybe not! People usually wear them when they're sick (and don't want to get others sick) or when people have bad allergies (and don't want to get sick). Most folks here wear masks out in public here of course. But! I'm modelling this fetching mask around the house so Mrs. Bashcraft doesn't get sick. Nothing quite like breathing in your own sick breath! YUMMY.

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