A Terrifying Glimpse Into The Future Of The Halo Franchise?

Halo is, without a doubt, Microsoft's biggest bread-winner. By a country mile. And even with the Chief's story now finished, you can bet they're looking at ways to leverage the brand's popularity into more cash money. Halo Wars and the Peter Jackson games are a start, but what else may Microsoft have in store? This excerpt from a marketing survey, completed for a company that was very interested in Xbox 360 gaming (Intellisponse, perhaps?), was sent to us by tipster frostcircus. If you're a Halo purist, you may not want to click through.

Sure, this is just a marketing survey. More an indication of what Microsoft are thinking than what they're actively doing with the series. But even the thought of them thinking about a Halo racing game or a "more family friendly Halo game" (Scene It? hosted by Cortana?) should be enough to give you an indication of just how many Halo games you can expect to start hearing about over the next few years.

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    I personally find this survey to be fake (the survey order coming from MS that is) but thats probably because my brain is COMPLETELY rejecting the possibility of Halo Karts, Super Spartan Brothers: Brawl or worse
    "The Covenant Trilogy"... The story of the Halo series retold through the eyes of one of the funny little guys.

    Seriously though, I know MS thinks marketing and promotion wise when planning development but *surely* even they would not do something like this...

    All that and no Halo-themed singing game? I'm disappointed. Now we may never encounter Chief's secret desire to become a Soul Man.

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