Ace Combat Team Working On Anime-Inspired Wii Flier

On August 2nd, Mamoru Oshii, the director behind anime Ghost In The Shell, will release his new flick The Sky Crawlers. Based on a series of novels, the romance adventure focuses on a group of dogfighter pilots and is set in a fictionalised World War II-type setting. The film just had it's American premiere at the Skywalker Sound studio in California, where soundtrack work for the film was done. And to tie-in with the movie, Namco Bandai is releasing Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces, which is being developed by the Ace Combat team. That's good news! The game will sport an original story and use the Wii Remote for throttle and the Nunchuk for the control stick. It's out the fall in Japan — no word about a Western release.

Innocent Aces [Dengeki Online via Game|Life]


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