AMD Graphics Chip More Powerful Than Every Game Console Combined, Says AMD

Chip maker AMD has invested heavily into hyperbole research, proudly proclaiming that its new graphics chip, the RV770, is "more powerful than every generation of video game console ever brought to market combined". The RV770, demoed Monday, is capable of processing one trillion floating operations per second on a single chip, a feat that AMD says "punches a sizeable hole in the sensory barrier".

In short, that means things will look prettier and more realistic, giving game creators nearly limitless depths of brown to explore with space marine armour achieving nearly unimaginable levels of detail.

AMD has a brief tech demo that show off the RV770 at its official site, featuring a DOG from Half-Life 2 clone chasing graphics card mascot Ruby. You'll probably find it as rewarding as the corporate promise of "Cinema 2.0". That's definitely gonna catch on.

Cinema 2.0: The Next Chapter in the Ultimate Visual Experience Story [AMD - thanks, Fred!]


    Alright, so I'm already disappointed with Nvidia's new chip, which is giving us at best a (generously estimated) 30% increase on last generations chips, somewhere basically on par with the already released X2 cards.

    So I'm eagerly awaiting the next Ati Cards. Surely the AMD/Ati Duo can come up with something worthwhile, putting together those large chip designing powers.

    But that 11 second clip on the AMD website... Well, it makes me believe that Ati are the new market dominator about as much the Duke Nukem trailer made me believe that it's ever going to come out.

    What's the next step? "More powerful than combining every graphics card ever created" "More powerful than a Kamehameha"

    This kind of hyperbole only sets them up for a fall. And I LIKE ati cards.

    Oh yer, it's great, totally awesome, in a half-SD resolution video. I can totally see the trillions of floating point operations per second in that thing.

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