Analyst: Saints Row 2 Trailer ‘Pompous’

Analyst: Saints Row 2 Trailer ‘Pompous’
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Have you seen the recent Saints Row 2 trailer that makes direct comparisons to Grand Theft Auto IVto show why it’s more fun? It’s more tongue-in-cheek snarky than truly nasty, but apparently it prompted one analyst to counsel investors to take it with a grain of salt.

Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey said that going toe-to-toe with GTA IV on content is “an unusually pompous position… considering GTA IV is estimated to be the highest grossing 1st week entertainment release of all time”.

Hickey also nodded to GTA IV‘s Metacritic-leading score, and maintained his “conservative” estimate for Saints Row 2 sales, “in light of mediocre game previews and a delayed release in-part from quality concerns”.

In general, it seems a bit of a risky strategy for any title to compare itself, even jokingly, to a sales record-smasher like GTA IV. When I spoke to THQ during their preview event, though, a rep told me the aim was to show what was different about Saints Row, not necessarily to make superiority claims.

Hickey: Saint’s Row 2 ‘Pompous’ To Attack GTA IV [Gamasutra]


  • Sure SR may be a GTA clone, but how the fuck can a lowbrow game be pompous?

    I’ve been a GTA addict since the first PC game, but even I can see where Saint’s Row exceeded GTA IV in intoducing gameplay elements. SR has friends that unlock after missions to give you bonus abilities. GTA IV makes you play the Sims to keep those friends appeased. SR brought in the cellphone to call for friends/servies, access cheats, or just call numbers on billboards for a laugh. GTA IV used it too, but none of the numbers in the game work. SR lets you customise cars and has an amazing garage system. GTA IV lets you wash them (why???) and then pray they don’t get knocked out of the yellow lines where you parked them.

    GTA IV is definately more immersive, and unlike SR you can free roam after completion. Still, after 100% I’m finding that I’m just waiting for the DLC for something new to do.

    Yes, Niko kicks ass (best protagonist since Tommy) but there’s still a lot of room for improvement in the next GTA.

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