And You Thought SL Was Bad - More Naughty Spore Creatures

Why is this Spore creature, crafted by PC Zone UK forum user Apophis_dd, so very happy? Perhaps because it's come to the humorous realisation that despite how vehemently gamers rail against the supposed sickness of people who dress up like furries or cavort with unicorns in the virtual world of Second Life, given the right tools they have the potential to create things just as nasty, if not more so.

Perhaps he's just happy because he's named "The Humpasaur", which is what my close friends in high school nicknamed me in the fictional life I like to picture in my head where I had close friends in high school. Hit the jump for the full picture in all its NSFW glory.

Pretty sick, right? It gets even better when you realise that this creature would theoretically have to eat from one of those openings and then pass undigested matter through the other one. Enjoy lunch!

Spore Creature Creator [PC Zone UK Forums - Thanks Velo!]


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