Animation House Animal Logic Opens Gaming Studio In LA

Animation House Animal Logic Opens Gaming Studio In LA
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Unless you’ve seen Happy Feet, you probably haven’t heard of Animal Logic. The company is a digital animation studio based in Fox Studios in Sydney. It’s also worked on 300, 28 Weeks Later and the Oz flick The Black Balloon. Excluding the hunk of aborted crap that was 28 Weeks, it’s a excellent portfolio.

Now AL wants to do games. Games! Here’s what CEO Zareh Nalbandian had to say:

“As production values for games increase exponentially, so do the opportunities at the convergence of high end digital film making and game creation. ALI is uniquely poised to lead this convergence with its commitment to visual innovation, quality, talent and great ideas”.

Hey, if Ninja Theory reckons it can do decent, realistic 3D movies on the cheap, then there’s nothing stopping Animal Logic from doing the same for games.

My only question: Why open the damn thing up over in LA? Oh, that’s right, the government still sucks at supporting developers in Australia.

Press release after the jump.



Giancarlo Mori appointed as Senior Vice President to spearhead company’s move into convergence of digital entertainment.

11 June, 2008 — Los Angeles — Australian founded animation and visual effects studio, Animal Logic, today announced its expansion into the game and interactive entertainment business with the formation of Animal Logic Interactive (ALI), to be headquartered in Los Angeles.

Giancarlo Mori will oversee the new business division of Animal Logic, which will focus on original game and interactive entertainment design and development for traditional and emerging platforms and media.

With over 20 years experience in software development and 12 years in senior roles in the games industry, Mori is a logical choice to lead Animal Logic’s foray into the medium. The game industry veteran most recently served as VP of Production, North America Studios, for Activision where he oversaw numerous key releases including Tony Hawk, Gun, Shrek and other DWA Animation titles.

Whilst ALI is based in LA, Mori anticipates a very organic exchange of creative development between the Australian and US company operations, harnessing the talent, technology and ideas which will flow from both campuses.

“With Animal Logic’s commitment to innovation, and the potential for creative and business synergies between its original properties, this is a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment. Today, games are evolving in directions that allow for very new experiences, appealing to expanding audiences. Being passionate and open to the evolution of popular culture and of the craft of game-making is key to creating new compelling titles and franchises.” Giancarlo Mori said.

Animal Logic’s CEO, Zareh Nalbandian said “As production values for games increase exponentially, so do the opportunities at the convergence of high end digital film making and game creation. ALI is uniquely poised to lead this convergence with its commitment to visual innovation, quality, talent and great ideas.”

One of the world’s most highly respected digital production companies; Animal Logic produces award-winning design, animation and visual effects for the film, television and advertising industries. Recent credits include “Happy Feet” and “300” and the company is currently producing “Guardians of Ga’Hoole” in association with Village Roadshow Pictures to be distributed by Warner Bros. Animal Logic has a studio in Sydney, Australia and offices in Los Angeles. Information about Animal Logic is available at


  • Animal Logic are full of it when they claim to make an effort to hire locally. They also spew rubbish about there not being the talent available locally. There are highly talented locals with experience who happen to have politically incorrect views and mysteriously can’t get work there. It seems if you speak the truth about 911 being an inside job or Anthropogenic Global Warming being a scam on blogs, then the evil bigwigs at Animal Logic and Fuel decide not to hire you.
    It’s not about talent, it’s about politics.

      • With a name like Wildgoose, it seems like a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
        Morons like you are symptomatic of the irrational, insular herd mentality so prevalent in the world and particularly Australia. People like yourself have no idea about what really goes on. You probably even believe that Arabs with boxcutters brought down the towers and violated the laws of physics lol.
        I should qualify a previous statement, it’s not Animal Logic or Fuel that are evil and make the corrupt decisions necessarily, it stems from someone high up with financial influence that strongly ‘suggests’ to someone with influence within the company that hiring certain people is not a good idea.
        Animal Logic and Fuel are great companies but politics is everywhere.

          • Whoa, I like a good conspiracy but this guy is something else.
            You’re right David,, his insight is invaluable, he could provide inspiration for a Hollywood script lol!

        • I actually thought the same way you did for a bit, my views were the same on AGW and 911 and I copped a lot of flack but it’s not necessarily some conspiracy, the industry is fickle now. They want juniors they can mould and post in junior levels and pay them accordingly or they want seniors with a wealth of experience. If you fall in between it can be hard. There are also lots of cliques and socio-political dynamics that play a part through no fault of your own.
          Just relax, you’re right on AGW and 911 but don’t get too paranoid about the industry.

          • It’s hard when you’re a pipeline tech guy like me, it’s so easy for you ‘artist’ types to get work

          • Further to the other name change suggestions, I reckon “talented but loco” would be a good one. You could listen to Cypress Hill while you put the finishing touches to your tin foil hat.

  • Perhaps your username should change from ” Talented but local” to “Disgruntled job candidate that got knocked back”.

  • Wrap your head around this, bigfoot and nessie sighting numbers have plunged in the 21st century + the World Trade building attacks were in 2001.


    Nessie and a sasquatch were flying those planes!!! ZOMG!!!!

    • I believe it’s the Americans behind it again. After all they made the Japanese think a Dolphin and a whale were flying the Enola Gay, hence all the whaling.

    • I reckon the Americans are behind it after all they made the japanese think a whale and a dolphin piloted the Enola Gay that dropped the H-Bomb, hence all the whaling.

    • Exactly, He claims that it’s hard for pipeline tech guys like him to get jobs and that us ‘artist types’ can easily get work.
      I’m an animator and I’ve been turned down by Animal and Fuel but I don’t start blaming some diabolical conspiracy theory.
      Any pipeline guys out there want to comment?

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