Another Perk & The First Ever Fallout 3 Cheat Code?

f3_charisma.jpgRecently I posted about some perks I saw during Pete Hines’ Fallout 3 demo last Monday. Going through my notes, I realised I missed one! Called Strong Back, it allows you to carry an extra 100 pounds of equipment. Again, it’s an oldie from the previous games, altered to suit the mechanics of the new title.

I should mention that Bloody Mess was originally a trait. It seems it’s been changed to a perk for Bethesda’s instalment.

Now… about this cheat. Is it god mode? Unlimited ammo? A second Dogmeat? You’ll find out after the jump.Towards the end of his presentation, Hines gave us a quick look at the world map. Like Oblivion, nothing is revealed to start with, but once you’ve visited a location you’re free to “fast travel” to it at any time. In order to show us the markers on the map, Pete’s assistant had to enter a cheat code via a drop-down console. Here’s what was typed:

tmm 1

Considering Oblivion also had a console in which the player could enter cheats, I’d say it’s a good bet this little command will make it into the final build.


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