Battle.Net Has Diablo III General Discussion Forum Up... A Bit Early

d3_general_small.jpgOkay folks, just click here for me. Now, tell me - is that a forum template for Diablo III? It sure looks like it!

For the past few days Diablo III has been hinted at, but not revealed. This is pretty much confirmation that the company plans to announce the game very soon.

Hit the jump for a full resolution shot of the above image.

[Thanks sid!]

Update: Watch me getting all excited. Seems it goes all the way up to Diablo V as well, so it's probably just a placeholder.It's pretty big, so just click here to open it in a new window!


    Damn, I was all aboard the excitement train for a little while there.

    I can't see any Diablo V, or IV... only III

    pure awesomeness

    busted blizzard!

    Yea, well in the actual address bar where it says 'd3' why don't you go ahead and type in 'd6' and see what happens. Turns out they've got General Discussion boards up for Diablo all the way through false alarm guys.

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