Big Exclusive White Knight Chronicles Coming Financial Year 2008

In Sony's corporate strategy meeting, it was also announced that early anticipated RPG White Knight Chronicles (Shirokishi Monogatari) will be released in the 2008 financial year. The game is being developed by Level-5, the studio behind the Professor Layton games. The third-person game was playable at last year's Tokyo Game Show. It's expected to do brisk business in Japan.

Sony Corporate Strategy [Sony]


    I hope resistance doesn't completly suck this time around, killzone 2 looks pretty good, watch the youtube vid to the deftones song...soo good.
    little big planet looks alright and motostorm looks to be a good action packed fun game, which is severly lacking in the ps3 lineup.
    all i can say is, if fable 2 came out on ps3 and a better less cheap like controller i would never everr think of selling the console for xbox ever again.

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