'Blizzard Creates A New Iron Man Every Month'

Valve talk the talk and certainly walk the walk. It's the great deal, so when Valve exec Gabe Newell says that PC gaming isn't dead (it's not!) and that PCs have a significant platform advantage (they do!), you know the dude means it. Here Newell puts everything in perspective with a nod to developer Blizzard:

Essentially, [Blizzard is]creating a new Iron Man every month, in terms of the gross revenue they're generating as a studio. Any movie studio would be shouting about that from the rooftops... We think the number of connected PC gamers we are selling our products to dwarf the current generation of consoles put together... There are tremendous opportunities in figuring out how to reach out to those customers.

Via game site Eurogamer, which a nice meaty article up on PC gaming and Valve that's full of tasty tidbits of data and choice quotes. Read it.

Valve: Why the PC is the future [Eurogamer][Pic]


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