Blizzard Splashwatch Day Five - Death Knights, Protoss, And Purple Penguins

Once again Blizzard completely screws with my sleep schedule! After a day of cursing under my breath at all of the people sending in photoshatted pictures of the damned Diablo II box art superimposed over yesterday's splash, the latest splash image gives me the satisfaction of knowing all of it was in vain. This, my friends, is not the Diablo II box art. Between the eyes and the small bit between them, it is one of two things. A Protoss from Starcraft, or the Death Knight from Wrath of the Lich King.

Hit the jump for comparison pictures and decide for yourself, and get a look at the full secret pic revealed!


    I'm thinking it is probably for the WotLK cinematic. Like when SCII was announced the first thing shown was the nice opening cinematic.
    The face in the splashpage definately looks like Arthas, and the new Deathknight class uses runes...

    I think the penguin is just a cool little easter egg for the people looking entirely too closely!

    I hate blizzard so much right now, i mean they do it on purpose, they abuse their fanbase. They know we want Diablo 3 right, and instead of just being like yeh nah its not happening, whatever, they Go and hype up something that they know ppl will automatically think is Diablo 3, only to shut them down? How is that good marketing? at all? If anything this is only going 2 dissapoint...

    Well done blizzard, well done

    I disagree. I still think it could be Diablo III. That dip between the eyes could easily be part of some sort of demon artwork. it doesnt EXACTLY match either character you've pointed out. I reserve judgment.

    Bah..they obviously prefere another warcraft rather than a much more awaited Diablo III. Why? Because they probably need to add some fuel\hype to that awful mmorpg..

    Bah..anyway I won't buy another warcraft, that's for sure

    It has definitely got something to do with the Stracraft II.

    The symbol at about 7 o'clock is the Protoss symbol which can be seen on the starcraft II site.

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