Blizzard Teaser Solved? Not Sure, But Don't Get Your Hopes Up Diablo Fans

When Blizzard started up with the teasing again, plastering the official site with a frosty teaser, Diablo III desperation got the better of a few folks who were interested in having their hopes crushed under the boot of the house that World of Warcraft built. Okay, it didn't build the house, but it payed for the jacuzzi and new marble counter tops.

Is it Diablo III? A new franchise? Is WoW getting Coors' Cold Activated Bottle technology?

Fan site World of War is here to scatter the remains of your hopes around a bit more, pointing to a portion of the teaser image that looks a hell of a lot like a rune on Frostmourne, previously feature in Wrath of the Lich King teasers. Look, we're not saying they're right. We're just saying that you might want to put those Diablo III fantasies to bed for now, just to be on the safe side.

We'll be frantically F5ing, waiting for the new teaser pic to pop up in the meantime.

Blizzard Image Solved [World of War]


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