Blood Bowl Makes Medieval Football Appealing

This is how you skirt the NFL licence, folks. Ogres, orcs, dwarves and humans settling their differences on the gridiron, an emphasis on violence, and cheerleaders that look Ren Faire appropriate. Blood Bowl may represent most of what I forcibly reject in my games — medieval fantasy, a turn-based dice game foundation, football — but if this teaser trailer is anything to go by, I may be picking up my first football game since NFL 2K1.


    holy crap i might actually like a computer generated sport game!
    fuckin hell ps3, is the playstation going to get this game?
    i love xbox i love the controllers but seeing as they are fulty im on that i got a ps3 becuase its reliable and more powerful boat.
    To bad the guys in charge of playstation can't work out that we want good games not shit like virtually sitting in your room looking at virtual trophies.

    nice story.I also like computer generated sport games.

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