British Sales Charts

Remember this day, Britons: there is not a single DS game in the top ten. Not one. Not even Brain Training. And Lord only knows the last time that happened (though the Lord quietly tells me it was probably in 2005). Taking its place is a surprisingly strong debut from Codemaster's Grid, with both versions charting well, while the 360 version of GTA IV enjoys its temporary stay at the top while Nintendo Europe continue to struggle to get stocks of Wii Fit into the country.

1) GTA IV (360)
2) 2) Wii Play
3) Mario & Sonic (Wii)
4) GTA IV (PS3)
5) Grid (360)
6) Haze
7) Grid (PS3)
8) Mario Kart Wii
9) Sega Superstars Tennis
10) Rock Band

[Individual-Format charts courtesy of ChartTrack]


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