British Sales Charts

Metal Gear Solid 4 remains at the top for the second week in Britain, though a quick glance over Snake's ageing shoulders will see that Britain's love for Mario & Sonic has been replaced by a love for Lego & Indiana Jones. And it's a love that knows no boundaries, as three versions of the game hit the top ten (Wii, DS, PS2), while the other two (360, PS3) still manage to make the top 20. Yes, I said the top 20, which brings us to the part where I tell you about a change in the way we'll be posting the British sales charts.

I've always posted the top ten sellers from the previous week. Time for a change. So to open things up a bit, spice things up a bit, from here on, I'll be posting the entire top 40, which should give you all a better idea of the buying habits of the British public. Enjoy.

[British individual-format charts posted courtesy of ChartTrack][Pic]


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