Bungie Looks Back On Microsoft Ownership

Microsoft used to own Halo developer Bungie. Now, Microsoft does not! What was that experience like — being owned by a corporate monolith? Says Bungie engineering lead Chris Butcher:

To their credit, they did a really good job of getting Bungie our own building. Essentially, we were in a bubble. We were mostly independent the entire time, with all of the perks of having a partner. They respected what Bungie had culturally.

When they bought Bungie, they didn't try to assimilate us and break our will and make us all drink the punch. They let the team maintain what made Bungie, Bungie. I think that's one of the smartest things that they did.

...On the Microsoft side, they still have a great partner in Bungie, and a great relationship. We have a team now that's reinvigorated and also made great games for their platforms. It really was a win-win. It doesn't seem like it really adds up to people, but both groups got what they wanted out of the deal. We're happy that Microsoft allowed this arrangement to happen. It really is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Everybody's happy! Everyone wins! Hooray!!

Reflecting on Halo [Gamasutra][Pic]


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